BQB Brokerage is international real estate brokerage firm which offers acquisitions and disposals of direct and indirect real estate profitable investments on behalf of clients to investors to make capital appreciation of 50 % – 700 % in global markets  in  Europe, North America and Asia Pacific in a scope of current real estate cycles . Investments are offered in all risk investment sectors such as core, core+, value add and opportunistic risk investment sectors . Offered investments are in real estate sectors of residential – multifamily, condos, apartments , communities, and commercial sectors – office, retail, shopping centers, hospitality , mixed use ,  industrial, logistics, warehouses, student , senior housing , land  and data centers .

Purpose of BQB Brokerage is to improve communities through offers of real estate investments and services to investors, developers, so it will bring healthier environment , stable economy and finance industry ,  more independently financially and economically stable society , bigger employment, architecturally improvement in communities and cites . It is a part of global improvement of global civilizations for bigger financial freedom and development of society and markets with environmentally  healthier approach with certification of buildings LEED, BREEAM and DGNB .


In last 9 ,5 years BQB Brokerage offered  €  20.785  billion or  $ 22.550 billion on global markets on 5 continents on 103 markets and in 78 countries. 



   Refinery Hotel 5* , Manhattan                    Miami World Trade Center                   Olivia Business Center , Gdansk, Poland      

Clients  BQB Brokerage has wide network of international 5000 investors, developers, institutional investors, owners, private equity funds, pension funds, insurance companies, top investment banks, family offices, REIT s , asset managers, investment managers , government institutions, international law firms, lenders, brokers, building societies, advisors , consultants , surveyors, contractors,  open end funds . BQB approached clients with open lines of communication based on professionalism  and has strong relationships.

Services  Direct real estate investments  Firm offers services like acquisitions and disposals of international profitable direct real estate investments in value add, opportunistic and Core + risk strategy sectors of  partly stable , distressed , underperformed high quality, well positioned assets with possible 14 to 40 % IRR and average 2.0 x – 3.0 x equity multiply with secure cash flows ,occupancy ,minimal risks in long term in residential and commercial real estate sectors of office, industrial / logistics, warehouse, distribution centers, hospitality ,mixed, data centers, retail, ( high street and Big Box ) and in  residential, multifamily, apartments , condos , senior ,student housing and infrastructure investments such as airports, highways, ports  with potential to rise NOI, for stabilisation of Cap rates in properties for repositioning, redevelopment, renovation , rebranding, improvement of management to rise a value of property with rising occupancy  and rising rents .All investments are offered in a scope of investment real estate cycles .

Leasing services of office high rise properties to perspective tenants with lowering a vacancy with signing a lease of 10 years. 

Representation of owners and tenants with long list of perspective clients globally .

Valuation of the low, mid and high rise buildings can be carried by professional surveyor based on location , state of the exteriors and interiors, vintage of the building , size and beside a financial results of the spending costs of building systems, utility costs, taxes, sort of lease N , NN or  NNN, how much profit is achieved in past years and possibly in the future .

 Indirect real estate investments  Shares are offered as common shares of hotel groups, as shares of investment trusts or buildings alone. Shares can be offered as  highly dividend shares with high dividend yields , as well can be offered undervalued shares where asset has possibility for secure growth where investors can achieve Alpha capital appreciation with renovation, improvement of management , brand and lowering a vacancy rates with retaining . All offered  shares come only as registered common shares on Stock exchanges , not as unregistered shares . Transactions can be executed only through registered brokers . I am only offering shares to investors, as is required and permitted by international laws . 




Apartment Building , Canary Wharf    21 Century Building, Office, Luxembourg       Sky Headquarters , Munich , Germany                          

Due Diligence All offered investments passed Due Diligence process where carefully in research are examined risks , financial , economic data of property, market, sector , past and future 5 years income and  returns. Due Diligence  is contained of technical and fundamental analysis , macro , micro research like econometrics with ratios for profitability, liquidity, solvency and cashflow, management performance and other metrics. As well a personally to visit a property with knowledge of structure , materials, development and all building systems and their costs of maintenance, repairs and possibility to improve those systems or even to make a new settings or positions within building. Also with knowledge of stability of structure of the building and to learn about exterior and interior state of building and possible changes in design and image of the property with possible rebranding or reposition of the property. 

Financing  BQB has long global network of possible international lenders for commercial loans as leveraged developments and investments in commercial and residential sectors for acquisition, disposals,  development , construction, redevelopment, renovation and repositioning of property . Loans can be senior, mezzanine, bridge financing loans, 2nd mortgage , LTV ( loan to value ) of 75 % . 



Development   Offering whole process of development services from preliminary phase to final construction phase of construction with providing project construction management services from reputable contractors .

Preliminary preparation Site selection  Finding a right position for building site on specific market which will bring profitability of 70 – 120 % , soil examination with 16 tests,  zoning, title, air rights , acquisition of property with title, registration, utility availability then econometrics of micro and macro parameters, with IRR, COCR, ROI , possible risks to development , then local, state and federal law requirements for development , renovations or reposition, such as permits, licences, entitlement ,then preliminary designs with preliminary drawing plans of structure, materials, construction ( in a scope of DIN and ISO requirements, ),  apartments , common areas with integrated all 29 systems in the building in cooperation with professional engineers based on sustainability and environmental approach with aim to lower costs of building systems up to 40 – 50 % then ordinary buildings  and then planning as short preliminary schedule book of construction work , then profitability of development , preliminary budget preparation from own developers capital or leveraged from lenders with list of operational, administrative, acquisition and registration costs with taxes and depreciation costs ) , preparation of contracts for contract management and contract administration .  

Final preparation  or Pre – Construction phase with final designs of building with final budget, planning book and technical drawings od building , builders risk insurance provider, certification for LEED, BREAM , NGBD and Wired Score, intellectual property protection of industrial designs and whole project globally, procurement to make constant construction with materials, tools and equipment, then  bidding to find a contractor who is capable to provide quality project construction management team till end with aim on quality within time within budget with impact on predicting  risks in development  and then final presentation of project as a blueprint then  all permits , licences and required documents for entitlement to City authorities .

Construction phase where is included site preparation,utility connections ,  foundations, construction, roofing,facade closing , water insulation, masonry, sewerage, water and electrical systems , then heating, HVAC, ventilation, solar, recycling systems for rain and brown water to lower the costs of utilities, recycling of waste from tenants, then telecommunications like antennas , wired and wireless systems for internet, mobile, fixed phone, fire prevention and protection and anti-burglary system for building, with Smart building systems like BAS – Building Automation System for ” Clever Buildings ” with control, monitoring and reaction for all 29 building systems 

Post – Construction phase where fine works are done with setting a doors, floors, windows, painting, lighting, furnishing ,landscaping with paving a pavement with asphalting a roads around a building . All building systems has to be put in function and checked by professionals and authorities for certification of use with final handover of all documents, licences, drawings, warranties and instructions to developer. 

Property management services where facility, maintenance and janitorial services are included .

All this has to be executed with impact on quality, time and within budget with constant attention on possible risks on daily basis and in a scope with local, city, state and federal building laws and codes of DIN and ISO. As well with daily contract administration attention.   


The Tides , Office complex , Warsaw               Liburnija Hotels Group 5*, Opatija, Croatia      Liburnija Hotels Group , Opatija Croatia 

Design services  BQB Brokerage offers services of industrial design of furniture, lamps and other products in 200 industries .

Architectural services  Architectural projects are offered to developers and individual clients of low, mid and high rise buildings , as well projects of small communities of 50 – 100 000 people in all real estate sectors, so buildings can bring capital appreciation to investors, clients, developers, in short or long term in a scope of business cycles . Focus is to make a architecturally attractive design of buildings with new approach to architecture, structure, construction, materials, way of building , products and services in a scope of quality, budget and time with fulfillment of law requirements of the market. Possibly, projects of cities for developers can be made in a size for 1 – 2 M people with infrastructure . 

Interior design services  Services of designing interior spaces in commercial sector such as restaurants, cafes, bars, fitness centers, kinder gardens,lobbies and offices . 

Yachts design services Yachts designs of yachts from as from 20 m to 150 m length of aluminium, steel and fiberglass with added value . Aesthetics , security, stability of structure, construction, function and profitability are main points of new approach to design and product itself. 



 Hyde Park Boutique Hotel  4 * ,London         Nha Thang 5 * Hotel, Vietnam               Mandarin Hotel 5*, Manhattan            Skalar office Building , Poznan , Poland

Past offers  Investments are offered in all real estate sectors. such a office, multifamily, retail, industrial, logistics, senior, student and data centers.  BQB in last 8 years offered on global markets around  € 20.785  billion  or $ 22.550  billion of real estate investments . Investments are in main financial markets with strong financial performance, growth of employment, GDP and population ,  markets with significant potential upside in long term.  Almost all investments has opportunity for JV, partnerships . Investments are located on good locations in CBD s, city centers, suburbs with high quality architecture and design. 


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