Team of BQB Brokerage didnt work in good companies , it just learned good  –  economics, finance , accountancy, business law, intellectual property, architecture , design, brokerage, project-construction management, property management, asset management , risk management , planning, development, investment.

Vito Matini, Founder, CEO, licensed real estate broker . Born in Zagreb , Croatia after finishing secondary school went to London , UK. Gradually went from architectural studies into yachts sales during studies of shipbuilding in Rijeka where he start to gain knowledge of business law , then went into real estate sales of apartments, condos, houses, small hotels and lands on global markets, then gradually went into purchase and sales of top world properties with totally professional attitude and commitment in last 9, 5  years firstly in Zagreb and Rijeka , Croatia then in Ljubljana , Slovenia then in Germany in all Big 7 specially in Frankfurt am Main internationally connected with top investors and firms. Due required quality and high  professionalism of service for clients started studies of business administration , finance, accountancy, economics., business and management with studies of international business relations between states based on graduate studies of London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.  Experience in own company BQB Brokerage  with top investment companies, developers , institutional investors, pension funds, insurance companies, private equity firms, family offices, REITs, asset managers, hedge and open funds, advisors, consultants, lenders . Currently has a list of 5 000 clients . Education : Architecture – attended architectural studies in Polytechnic of North London in London, UK  for Bachelor degree of Architecture . Naval architecture  – attended  Naval Architecture studies in Technical University of Rijeka  for Bachelor of Naval Architecture . Business administration –  has practical knowledge of Business Administration for Masters diploma. Business Law – has practical knowledge with impact on finance and economics . As well has practical knowledge of corporate accountancy and civil engineering. Vito is licensed real estate broker with investment offers on global markets of  € 20.785 billion or $ 22.550 billion . Whole knowledge is independently mastered through international experience of sales, offers of investments, finance, corporate law, economics, corporate accountancy , business and management .


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